Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Throttle Stuck

My hubby finally got my 1994 Honda Shadow 600 going again and suggested I test drive it around the block Sunday morning before church. Well the throttle was sticking so I wanted him to see that it was doing that. I kept my hand off the throttle as I came close to our driveway so he could see, but then realized I was about to over shoot my turn and turned, one handed, and boom down I went. This is not a bike to do one handed turns on.  
Oh well. 

I thought I smelled gas on me, but my hubby said no it was him that he had stepped in it and it was on his shoe. Arrived at church and standing next to friends someone smelled gas. It was me. Went home changed shoes and jeans. 
Much better.

After church he had me test it out again to check the throttle . Throttle was fine but the darn thing wouldn't shift. I left it on the corner. He tried it out and it started smoking like crazy. Today he found a lot of gas in the oil. Changed the oil. Now he says it's running great. We'll see when I get my next chance. 
Oh well.

We've already decided to sell it. 
Anyone want to buy ?

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