Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Robots Are Coming

We are getting "robots" at work. At least they are called robots but they are self contained inside
a big box. They are suppose to label the vial, put the med in, and screw the lid on. 

Our military members have been putting in some very long hours keeping refills up to the minute in fear of losing them into the neverlands when the new system is brought online. That's what happened when we had a software update last year. Hundreds of refills were lost.

The way our pharmacy works is we have six windows where the pharmacy techs take care of 
patients individually. Every two windows has one Accumed cabinet and is set up with shelves that contain other "fast movers". The pharmacists have two stations with two seats/computers at each station.

Here are some before pictures.


These are some pictures of the "take down" in progress. They started with one Accumed cabinet at the beginning of last week, then took out half of the two center counters.



Time for the big "reveal".
Only our floors still need cleaning and
some organizing in the pods still
needs to be done, but that'll come later.
Today, Jan. 21st was our first experience using the
"Parata Max" and so far so good.


 Views inside the box. 


Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm being featured....

....on someone else's blog!!!!

It's 9pm Saturday night and I just checked my email and found out!!! Trouble is I'm out of town right now so I'm putting this post together on my iPad. The app doesn't allow the same kind of editing I can do on my computer so hopefully everything I download from here will work.

The feature should magically appear at 6:30 am Sunday morning, probably before I actually post this because the link http://morethanmommies.net/2014/01/zanybin-sunday-sip.html won't work till then and I'm not sure this is going to work from here.

I have no idea what they will include, I did answer a series of questions in my usual short, quip way so I can only hope it's pleasent enough. I really didn't think my blog exactly figured into the usual stuff they blog about....but I guess I passed!

I'm currently visiting my cousin who lives further south than we do to attend a baby shower for her first expected grandchild (who's suppose to arrive as a granddaughter). I have my mom and sister in law with me. I didn't take any pics, my phone had died while using as a GPS. I had it hooked up to the charger in the car....maybe the connection was loose, sometimes that happens.

I think I'll post before bed tonight anyway and just share it on social media tomorrow.

 What I'm drinking after brushing my teeth with borrowed cinnamon toothpaste. No not good. I also have a cold that causes only junk food to taste good. Baby showers are good for that.

 Sister in law isn't here, she's spending some time with her extended family who live in the area. She did attend the baby shower. Thankfully I will now have a bed to myself.

 This is Nani the resident guard dog. Looks pretty viscous doesn't she? Yeah I know, she's a very sweet lap dog.

"The Man" called once we were on our way to mention I should check the oil in the car before I return because he didn't check it before I left. As far as I know there is no particular problem with the oil, but it is something he does before trips because you never know. 

Well I think it's time to hit the hay, read a book and sleep. Hope you check out the feature once it's posted.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Endings and Beginings

Our church family known as
Grace Church Fellowship
is no more.

Our members have dwindled, our pastor is ready to retire.
But our pastor has not left us without hope.
He's had an eye on
and purposed we join them and give our building to them.

How many churches today have you heard doing something like this?

To back track a little...my husband and I left a church
we had been a part of all our married life and pretty much
all my life about six-seven years ago. It was difficult, but felt that God's hand was in it.
God had only been telling me for a year before that it was okay to leave one day.
I just wasn't wanting to hear that. 

We visited other churches but ended up joining other
former members in a new fellowship called Freshstart.

After a year or so a former pastor of ours suggested that Freshstart
join Grace Fellowship, mostly because we had similar goals, outlook and of
course doctrinally we were the same.

So Grace took us in, took our leadership in, and God's grace increased.

So now Journey is taking Grace in. True we bring God's gift in a building, but doesn't 
God always use the weak to help the strong? We have similar goals, outlook and of course we are doctrinally the same.

Love the way the pastor starts out each service with the question
"How many churches are there?" waiting for the answer...


That about sums it up!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

Well where do I start?

Our first event of the season was the command Christmas party complete with dancing and door prizes. We didn't dance and we didn't make it to midnight but we did win a door prize.
My husband has already fallen in love with the new crock pots.

Aren't we pretty.

View from University Club

We won! 

Then.....a fear realized.
I was at work. There was much blood. He soaked a towel while putting away his tools.
Then he drove himself to an urgent care facility who then called 911 for a ride to an ER.
Many stiches later he made it home with a ride from mom.
Beware unsecured metal roofing.

Then yeah Christmas!

Christmas light looking.

Waiting for Santa.


Church breakfast.


Eating in her own good time.

Christmas Eve is when we exchange gifts with family members, my youngest and her husband joined us through facetime. "E" showed her prowess opening gifts, gets the wrap off, pulls out gift, throws box to the side, looks at item then promptly on to next gift. It was a show to behold! No pictures of the event too busy enjoying the moments.

Playing inside her tent (naked).