Sunday, January 5, 2014

Endings and Beginings

Our church family known as
Grace Church Fellowship
is no more.

Our members have dwindled, our pastor is ready to retire.
But our pastor has not left us without hope.
He's had an eye on
and purposed we join them and give our building to them.

How many churches today have you heard doing something like this?

To back track a husband and I left a church
we had been a part of all our married life and pretty much
all my life about six-seven years ago. It was difficult, but felt that God's hand was in it.
God had only been telling me for a year before that it was okay to leave one day.
I just wasn't wanting to hear that. 

We visited other churches but ended up joining other
former members in a new fellowship called Freshstart.

After a year or so a former pastor of ours suggested that Freshstart
join Grace Fellowship, mostly because we had similar goals, outlook and of
course doctrinally we were the same.

So Grace took us in, took our leadership in, and God's grace increased.

So now Journey is taking Grace in. True we bring God's gift in a building, but doesn't 
God always use the weak to help the strong? We have similar goals, outlook and of course we are doctrinally the same.

Love the way the pastor starts out each service with the question
"How many churches are there?" waiting for the answer...


That about sums it up!

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