Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

Well where do I start?

Our first event of the season was the command Christmas party complete with dancing and door prizes. We didn't dance and we didn't make it to midnight but we did win a door prize.
My husband has already fallen in love with the new crock pots.

Aren't we pretty.

View from University Club

We won! 

Then.....a fear realized.
I was at work. There was much blood. He soaked a towel while putting away his tools.
Then he drove himself to an urgent care facility who then called 911 for a ride to an ER.
Many stiches later he made it home with a ride from mom.
Beware unsecured metal roofing.

Then yeah Christmas!

Christmas light looking.

Waiting for Santa.


Church breakfast.


Eating in her own good time.

Christmas Eve is when we exchange gifts with family members, my youngest and her husband joined us through facetime. "E" showed her prowess opening gifts, gets the wrap off, pulls out gift, throws box to the side, looks at item then promptly on to next gift. It was a show to behold! No pictures of the event too busy enjoying the moments.

Playing inside her tent (naked).

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