Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Man's Retirement (so far)

Last year the man of the house retired from the post office as a letter carrier.

I think he needed it.

When I would tell people he was getting ready to retire and not planning to get a job,
 most were concerned that he would be
bored out of his gourd.

I knew better.
He's not a man who is content to sit still for very long.

So far a lot has been accomplished,
windows have been replaced,

shutters have been repainted
and a front porch has been added.

I think the house is looking pretty good!
The yard is greener, the family room has been redone (replaced paneling
and painted), new floors have been put down in the kitchen, living and dining rooms.
Ceilings have been painted. (He almost never painted before retirement.)

I like this bored out of his gourd bit.

"E" enjoys the front porch.
"The Man"

In between all that he has acquired motorcycles to repair and resale,
found his own dream bike, maintains the grounds at our church, fixed up
a house or two for some little old ladies, as well as doing some repairs at one 
of the businesses he used to deliver mail to.

If only he did housework.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Ok, so it looks like I'm starting  a blog, what it'll be about is yet to be determined...hummm.....

Me in the mornings...
Not a pretty site, is it?

I sent this pic to my daughters before they joined us
on our last big family vacation.
We met up in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, September 2012.

 The only one I really have 
pictures of from that trip was my Granddaughter "E".

 Well maybe a few of the others...but these were about it.

Of course "E" was in most of those.

And then my favorite that has my mom (granny), youngest daughter, and "E".

 Don't they look related!

And then one of myself with the oldest daughter.

That was a tricky shot with my phone. I'm not too good with self portraits,
 which takes us back to that first photo.