Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cycling in the Smokeys

Took some extra days off over Labor Day weekend to borrow a "family cabin" that belongs to some neighbors of ours in Franklin, NC.


We arrived early Saturday evening unloaded the bikes, suitcases and of course the man's CD player and collection. No internet, no cable or satellite, no cell phone reception a man has got to be prepared.


Found a pretty good Mexican restaurant for dinner and then headed to the BiLo for a few breakfast supplies.

Next day the fun begins.....

Keep in mind this is my first time riding anywhere but the flatlands of Florida.

Hopped on the motorcycles and off we went headed toward Maggie Valley. We stopped in a motorcycle shop and I picked up a pair of fingerless gloves and then we headed to the Wheels of Time museum. If you've ever seen the show " What's in the Barn" you know what this place is. Took a lot of photos...

We then headed toward Cherokee, somewhere we've been many times over the years.
We didn't stop there but headed on down to find a place to eat,
Granny's restaurant. $10.75 buffet of country cooking. 

The man's favorite kind of food.

Next we headed on through Bryson City where my mom had spent a week with friends this past June. Caught 28 which took us the nice curvy way to our place. Hubby said if he'd known how curvy that road was he wouldn't have said to go that way, however he was impressed with how well I did, so we took it more than once during the daily rides. I we covered about 140 miles.

Second day.....

Headed out of Franklin on 441 to Pigeon Forge to meet my dad and sister for lunch (Little Tokyo) to do a little catching up. On the way we stopped at Clingman's Dome. He went all the way up, my calves were burning so I waited. There was cloud cover, not that much to see anyway. Again used 28 to get back. 200 miles that day.


Arrived back at the cabin just before dark, had leftovers for dinner. Best leftovers ever.

Third day.....

Fontana Dam, left out on curvy 28 until we reached Fontana Dam, from there we went to Deal's Gap then back southerly to Robbinsville. We had lunch at the country bear, BBQ pork sandwich was very good, but the fresh sweet tea was even better.

Out of Bryson city we took "The Road to Nowhere".


Well time to leave arrived, loaded up the bikes and had to say goodbye to the wonderful curvy roads.


I'm ready to go back!