Tuesday, May 17, 2016

She's Six!

Well, I guess it happens to everyone.

Children grow up,

and so do grandchildren.

In my case a single grandchild.

A granddaughter whose smile has not gone unseen on this blog.

So sweet....so rotten.



Mischief beginning.

I'm going to rule the world!

I'm just cute.


I'm special beyond words.



Bathing beauty.


Playtime, no nap time.

Butterfly girl.


Yep, I'm still cute.

Pre-k grad.

Pretend time.

Let go my Legos!


She is her grandmother's grandchild!

Friday, May 13, 2016

It's growing!







AND of course I took these pictures a few days ago, and everything has grown even more!!

Cucumber is taller

Eggplant finally has a bud

This is what a chocolate pepper is

There's a bean vine sprouting up...

Can't wait for harvest!!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Years who needs them anyway

I don't know how your new year got started, but mine was started in the hospital.

It was a real adventure, one I don't care to repeat. Oh the joys of gallstones. Not really.

Oh and of course a GI specialist was involved which meant I
had to schedule the dreaded colonoscopy.

I'm through with all that now. Thank goodness. Feeling much better.
Just wish I could have lost more weight.

I have unbelievably followed through with planting
a garden of sorts.

Vegetables, flowers and herbs in pots.

These are the veggies with seeds for herbs in some.

These are the flowers with some rosemary.

These are flowers for butterflies, something a cousin has inspired me to do.

I guess we'll see how the garden grows!!

Longest Yard Sale...

OThis was not the first time we have gone to the Longest Yard Sale, but it was the 
first time doing a section in Kentucky, the state where my youngest and her
hubby reside.

If you are a yard sale or even an antiquing enthusianist this is one event you should attend.

Here are a few pictures taken.....

I started this post months ago...but oh well...

We did pick up this little stinker....

And of course this girl was thrilled......