Saturday, March 22, 2014

Second Ditch Trip...

I'm blaming my husband for this one.

Headed down the road on a Sunday morning to church, my bike kept cutting off, so the man said let's take it back. (yes this is still the honda shadow)

Stupid thing once again would not go into neutral, not because I didn't roll it, it just wouldn't shift.
He reaches down and gets it to shift. Tells me to back into the driveway next to us to turn around, I look over my right shoulder, it's a little cracked but looks good, so I start backing up. He should have said stop don't go any further or informed me when he said to back up, we do have an intercom system. Well on the part of the driveway I couldn't see it had failed and sunk into the ditch and when my back tire rolled into it the bike tipped and off I went. When I first hit the ground I landed on some timbers buried into the side of the ditch and tried to hang on, I was thinking not this time and then I was thinking well you know what I was thinking and into the ditch I rolled.

He picked up the bike, I got out of the ditch backside entirely drenched, got back on shadow, managed to keep it from cutting off until our driveway and I coasted it into it's spot.

I think it was a good recovery, but he's not sure he wants me on a bike on my own now. Bummer.

It's so much fun, even with the ditches, it's not like I'm a hazard on the road, just in my own neighborhood wherever there's a ditch.

I'm pushing for at least a three wheeler or maybe a sidecar?

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