Sunday, November 17, 2013

Holidays are coming, I'm tired already

I don't know if it's just because of how busy we've been at work in the pharmacy or because I'm just not feeling prepared, but I'm already tired just thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas.


How have working women before me and with me do this? I've only been working full time since 2007. I waited until both girls were pretty much out of the house.


I haven't even begun my Christmas shopping.


Just thinking about dragging all the Christmas stuff out is exhausting.


Christmas just doesn't seem to last long enough for all the stuff we've collected over the years. Yet I know once I start bringing it out I'm not going to be able to limit myself. Just too many memories involved. 


Not only is there a house to decorate but a very large tree at church to do. But I'm kinda ok with that. Kind of gives me a burst of energy thinking about it. There are also garlands and wreaths to set up, and then there is the Christmas breakfast with tables to decorate. Need some ladies (and MEN) to show up to help us. There were only three or four last year to set up the tree and decorate the worship area. Got to remember to set the large wreath a little lower so we can still see it with the projection screen down. Also the "command hooks" to keep from adding holes and staples in the walls.

Wonder if we need more poinsettias?

I should make a call to see what day we are going to be setting up.

Can't wait!

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