Sunday, September 15, 2013

Who says..... can't fart at work.
Especially those SBD's (silent but deadly's) something I've mastered well. I try to make it to the back of the pharmacy but by the time I get there it's already a done deal. The other day something smelled really bad, very "the man" worthy, I thought it was the patient but when I moved away it went with me, I had no idea there was such a thing as Ninja SBD's !
 can't learn new things after a certain age.
This year I decided it was time to learn to ride a motorcycle. I've earned the endorsement on my license and since the man works on motorcycles I have my own bike. I'm still just riding around the neighborhood but that didn't keep me from running into a four foot deep ditch with two feet of water. Ditch water is nasty and very itchy, I couldn't get into the shower fast enough. I highly recommend staying out of ditchwater. can text and drive.
I can't, even voice to text has risks. What I do enjoy is checking email, weather, coupons, whatever at red lights. Sometimes I miss the light turning green but another driver will kindly remind me with a honk of their horn. 

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